Project Goal
Design the wrappers for three flavors of medicinal chocolate bars containing THC. The three flavors are Key Lime Pie, Espresso, and Ruby Chocolate.
My Inspiration
I initially got inspired by one of my favorite restaurants called “Condado Tacos”. What I love about this restaurant is the artwork they use in their graphic design and within their building. Each location has murals painted by local artists and its own theme. For instance, my location is a space theme because I'm near the town of Mars PA. This led me down a rabbit hole which I will be calling 90s skate shop meets comic books meets space.
Photos Above are murals from Condado Tacos establishments

Moodboard of the style I wanted to try. The most important takeaways are the handwritten type and the CMY/RGB color schemes.

Where To Start
I started by coming up with unique names for each flavor, I quickly picked up the space theme because it just felt like it was lending itself to the style I was going for. 
Flavor Names
Key Lime Pie - Galactic Key Lime
Espresso - Buzzed Blast Off
Ruby - Ruby Rift
My Focus
My primary focus was to have a unique handwritten type for each flavor. Type is not always my strong suit, I typically like clean and crisp fonts when It comes to design, so for this, I wanted to explore fonts with more flavor. The primary type is completely hand drawn and image traced in Illustrator. I also hand-drew all of the illustrations. I spent a lot of time just doodling aliens and spacecraft and seeing how I could combine them to create little narratives on each wrapper.
The Process
I hand drew all of the assets on paper, refined them with pen on tracing paper, and then brought the cleaned-up sketches into illustrator where I image traced and added color. 
Favorite Sketches
Bringing It All Together and Final Mockups
After making a bunch of assets I had to figure out how to make them look good together. In order to have all of the wrappers hang together I decided to use the same composition, but give each wrapper its own color scheme and its own illustrations. The secondary elements also remained the same in each wrapper.

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